Finished Contract & Hospitality Furniture
Intellisit manufacturers a wide range of lounge, guest, conference and executive seating for the workplace. Since we are the direct source for all components, our value and quality is second to none when it comes to making furniture.

“Chairs Built to Live”
Our chairs are designed and built by experienced furniture craftsman with years of experience in the industry. We will not compromise our quality and product engineering to produce inexpensive chairs that will fall apart. That’s why we say that our chairs are “Built to Live.”

Intellisit offers many models of standard seating designs. We can also build custom chairs for large volume requirements. In many cases, our domestically made products are competitively priced versus imported chairs when all the costs of shipping, handling, financing etc. are included. Plus, the quality is usually far superior with our products Made in the U.S.A. versus the imports.
Contract Seating, Components and Furniture Services